Always aware, Always alert

Enjoy the peace of mind of knowing your family, home and valuable property are safe and secure – with iTextAlert.

iTextAlert is a monitoring system that combines the simplicity of do-it-yourself devices with the advanced technology of technician-installed components.

The iTextAlert monitoring system doesn’t rely on a third-party call center to notify you of a problem. It contacts you directly by means of a text message or a pre-recorded telephone call and it can signal up to 5 phone numbers simultaneously.

iTextAlert allows you to customize the system to suit your application by purchasing only those devices that you need.

The iTextAlert system can be installed and activated in less than an hour. No tools are required, and there are no long term monitoring contracts – just a monthly fee for the communication messaging service.

Be alerted if valuables are moved… Be alerted if your furnace fails… Be alerted if your power fails… Be alerted when a door opens… Be alerted if your basement floods…